[Updated] A new Tegra-based FPS game, The Dark Meadow, coming soon. Built with Unreal Engine 3.

A new game has just appeared on nVidia’s Tegra Zone called The Dark Meadow. Developed by Phosphor Games Studios, this upcoming game is a rather dark, thriller type of single-player FPS title which is being built using Unreal Engine 3 and will be available for Android devices sporting a Tegra chipset.

The Dark Meadow takes place in an abandoned hospital that has been overrun with rather horrific looking creatures. Your only goal is to survive and escape said hospital before you end up dead. It’s sort of similar to Silent Hill in the fact that the main goal is to really freak the player out.


Graphically the game looks fantastic as you will see in the trailer below for the iOS version. Generally any game that comes from iOS and is ported over to Android Tegra devices ends up coming with more details in the visuals and just an overall better graphical experience. The same should happen for The Dark Meadow when it is released. Of course being developed using Unreal Engine 3 certainly helps out in the graphics department.

Unfortunately nVidia hasn’t posted as to whether this will be for Tegra 2 or Tegra 3 devices, or possibly both as we have seen with some recent games like Big Top THD. The Dark Meadow is slated for release in Q1 2012 and of course no word on pricing just yet. We will try to find out more regarding which chipset this will be for and post an update. You can check out the official trailer below.

Update Dec. 13th, 2011 1:52pm: Just added a gameplay video below the trailer showing what the gameplay looks like on an iOS device so everyone can get an idea of what it will look like. Thanks to Mathias for the heads up on the video below.

Developer Website: The Dark Meadow

Website Referenced: Tegra Zone via Android And Me

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