A Sequel to Slaughter is on the Way!

Ray Spark (aka Venomized Art), the developer of the fun-as-hell 3rd person shooter game Slaughter, has announced that he’s been working on a sequel! Currently, Slaughter 2 is still in early development, but it’s been revealed that in the new game the player-protagonist will this time be one of the special forces soldiers that shot at Russel (the player-character in the first installment) and is pictured below.

Ray Spark has said that in Slaughter 2 we will learn more about the story behind the “Captured City” Russel found himself in, and will at some point, cross over with the first game.  He promises that the plot will be even more detailed and interesting than its predecessor.

On a much larger note, he says that where Slaughter was “too short,” he’d like to remedy that and is trying to make the sequel about twice as long. Slaughter 2 will feature improved graphics and animations as well as new enemies, weapons, and environments- in effect he’s expanding the game in nearly every facet.

There isn’t much to show yet, but Ray Spark sent me two developer images (pictured above), and made sure to note that they look odd because they are from a vivid color test he was working on.  Regardless, they both look great.  Slaughter is a tremendously fun mobile shooter game and subsequently, the sequel is definitely something to keep your eyes on.

We’ll keep readers updated as more information and news comes in.

Slaughter is $0.99 on Google Play

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