Aeria Mobile launches their first game onto Android called Monster Paradise

Almost a year ago we wrote about Ariea Games, one of the major browser-based and PC MMORPG companies, gearing up to spread their wings into the world of mobile gaming. It seems now that this has finally become a reality, making them the second major company of this kind to release mobile games, the first being Kabam with their Arcane Empires release last week.

Aeria Games, and their mobile gaming division called Aeria Mobile, have released Monster Paradise, a Pokemon style monster collecting RPG title onto Google Play. You will be able to battle it out with over 500 monsters, collect them, train them and fuse them together in order to have them evolve either into new creatures or more powerful versions of themselves.

Monster Paradise Features:

– Battle, collect, & fuse from 500+ original monsters to fight by your side!
– Journey through over 60 in-game areas and 180+ quests.
– Team up with friends to defeat the Dark Monsters for nice rewards.
– PvP against other monster trainers to become the strongest!
– Collect tablets to unlock special & legendary monsters.
– Watch for special Dark Monster events appearing at certain times of the day!
– Experience a memorable cast of characters and storyline.

There isn’t just a lot of monster to collect either. Monster Paradise comes with over 180 quests, over 60 areas to explore and special events where Dark Monsters appear. Just like any good monster collecting battle game, you also have your special and legendary monsters to try and unlock. Multiplayer is cross-platform and you will be able to team up with other trainers to battle it out with Dark Monsters. On the flip side, you can also battle it out against other trainers to see who is better.

For those of you who enjoy Pokemon style game, you might want to give Monster Paradise a whirl. This is a free-to-play game so you can download and give it a try without dropping a penny on it. We can also expect more titles to come from Aeria Mobile in the near future.

Developer Website: Aeria Mobile

Google Play Link: Monster Paradise

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