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Lilith Games Launches An Exclusive AFK Journey Beta Test

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Lilith Games has launched a beta test for it’s upcoming RPG, AFK Journey. The test is exclusively on Android, and, unfortunately, registration has closed.

AFK Journey is a 3D strategy RPG and direct sequel to AFK Arena. It sees you once again explore the mystical land of Esperia across a lengthy campaign.

A good chunk of the gameplay focuses on quests, puzzles, and most importantly, the vast world of Esperia. The developer has previously showcased the mystical, fantasy world in trailers, teasing emerald fields, as well as bars filled with a diverse range of characters.

The game continues to bring forward it’s strong point right through to the combat. In battles, there’s a focus on the terrain, and you’re encouraged to use it in combination with traps to your advantage.

As stated earlier, AFK Journey features a bunch of collectible heroes. Play to unlock faces old and new, from cackling witches, to big, fluffy monsters! Utilise their ultimate abilities in the strategic battles, and build up your collection to create the best team possible.

Your Questions Answered By The Developer

On the official AFK Journey Twitter, the developer held a fan Q&A, revealing more details about the newly launched beta.

One of the questions confirmed that the beta will retain the testers’ data, carrying it over into the game’s eventual full release. It also stated that the beta server is permanent.

The Q&A also revealed that you can play across PC and Android with your data transferring over, and we presume it will carry over into the eventual iOS release

Make sure to read the full interview, as it includes more features and insights, such as simulator compatibility, different gaming devices, and more.

Recommended Requirements Revealed

One of the more specific questions during the Twitter Q&A focused on the recommended requirements for the game. Thankfully, the developer was able to give varied detailed specs that you would need in order to run the game with a buttery smooth FPS on an Android device.

The specs in question consist of 6GB RAM, paired with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855. Alternatively, the developer also recommends a Mediatek Dimensity 900, a HiSilicon Kirin 980, or a Samsung Exynos 9810.

While you can’t sign up for the exclusive beta anymore, you can still check out AFK Journey on Google Play. If you’re hungry for more AFK Journey content, have a read of our previous article detailing the game’s latest trailer.

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