After taking its “time”, Chronology has arrived onto Android

Chronology is a puzzle platformer that previously was available on iOS, Windows Phone, and Steam, garnering over a million and half downloads across the board. Within Chronology, players will travel through various points in both the past and future, with stages having (according to the ores release) “hand-drawn steampunk environments”.

The game is predicated on the Old Hero, who awakens in a world that formerly teemed with life but is now dark and desolate. Accompanied by his pet snail, the duo find a time machine that allows them to go back in time and mend the time stream. Players will be able to switch between the inventor and the snail, and will jump between a fantasy stylized past and a dark and hopeless future.

Chronology Features:

• Time changes everything – Solve puzzles by travelling back and forth in – or freezing – time.
• Characters with heart and soul – Switch between two lovable characters with different abilities and combine their strengths.
• A mind-bending story line. As the story unfolds, learn how the main character has already played a central role in shaping the future of his world.
• Episodic content – new puzzles to solve and places to explore in the further updates.
• Fully voice acted in English.
• A magical, colorful, vibrant and living universe that mixes elements from different times and cultures.
• Amazingly animated characters, machines and creatures, inspired by Hayao Miyazaki (Howls Moving Castle, My Neighbor Totoro).

The game is currently available on Google Play as a free download that includes the first three chapters of the game. Additionally, there is a single IAP of $2.99 unlocks the remaining five chapters.

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