AGC1 – Semi-Final Results

The semi-final round for the first Android Gaming Challenge has just ended and it certainly wasn’t an easy game to play. A special golf course was designed for tournament players in the Mini Golf’oid game and the scores were as impressive as ever. However the ladder is not complete as there will be yet another sudden death tie-breaker between two players.

Two players tied with a 43 stroke count on the same side of the ladder which means we will be having a sudden death round of mini golf. This will happen once the scoreboard is cleared and each player will have a limited amount of time to complete the course and submit a score. As with the semi-final round the lowest stroke count will win. Here are the two players in the sudden death round:

KwiknikK vs Wardawg <-Winner

As of right now we already know who is going to be in the finals to battle it out for the championship spot. Both of these players will end up walking away with an Android device. What kind that is depends on the champion’s decision at the end of the tournament. For now though here is the ladder after the semi-final round:

Click image to enlarge

Right now everyone gets a bit of rest while the two players in the sudden death round duke it out for the remaining ladder spots. I will be contacting both players via email to ensure they are online at the same time at which point sudden death will start. How long the round will last will be told in that email as well.

Good luck to you both!

Update August 17, 2010 5:00pm PST: The Sudden Death match is over and it was tied right up until the last 15 minutes. However Wardawg managed to pull out in front with a score of 43!

Click image to enlarge

So the Finals will be tomorrow. The game will be announced at 10am PST and last 24hours as per usual! I’ve updated the ladder to reflect the matches! This is it, the last round! Good luck to you all! You’ve all fought hard!


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