Alwars Games releases another new game onto Android called Snowy: The Bear’s Adventures

There are a few companies making a hard push onto Android these days such as G5 Entertainment and Alawar Games. The latter of the two released another game the other day called Snowy: The Bear’s Adventures which is a cartoon styled action-platform game.

Wrapped up in cartoon graphics and animations, Snowy: The Bear’s Adventures is an action-platform game at heart. Your job will be to blaze through all 88 levels while defeating snowball throwing monsters and picking up the occasional power-up they drop when they die.


  • 88 levels of non-stop fun
  • Four visually spectacular environments
  • Smooth cartoon-style animation
  • Funny (not scary) monsters
  • Three difficulty modes, including a Kids mode



While this can be played as a more family orientated game, especially when on Kids mode, you can drive up the difficulty by selecting one of the harder difficulty settings. You can pick up Snowy: The Bear’s Adventures off the Android Market for $0.99 if you’re looking for a casual platformer to play to kill some time with.

Developer Website: Alawar Games

Android Market Link: Snowy: The Bear’s Adventures

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