American McGee’s upcoming Action-RPG Akaneiro: Demon Hunters successfully funded

American McGee’s upcoming Action-RPG Akaneiro: Demon Hunters has been successfully funded on Kickstater with reaching their goal of $200,000. This game, already in closed beta for PC, is also slated for release on Android and iOS but in order to get the game finished as completely as the developer’s wanted it to be, they actually had to turn to Kickstarter for additional funding.

While the developers did reach their goal it was a very close campaign, reaching their goal of $200,000 with only three days to go and closing at $204,680 in total. For those of you who missed our previous articles about this game, Akaneiro: Demon Hunters tells a rather twisted version of Red Riding Hood while meshing it with setting it in the Edo period of Japan, inspired by ancient demons, with hand-painted visuals.

It isn’t all about hacking up your enemies either. You’ll need to set traps and use other tricks up your sleeve to defeat the evil spirits that are out to get you. As for character development, the the skill system is created in a specific way to allow hybrid builds of classes. Multiplayer will also be included with Akaneiro: Demon Hunters and can either be asynchronous or synchronous depending if your friends are online. PvP and co-op are both planned.

For those of you curious about the game’s business model, here is the current plan Spicy Horse Games is going to implement for Akaneiro: Demona Hunters:

– The game will be free to play
– There will be a number of free maps players can play
– The exact number of free maps will be determined in the upcoming open beta
– Additional content will be available for purchase
– This additional content can also be purchased┬áby accruing the in-game currency, karma
– Other items for sale will be cosmetic items and karma packs

Of course this could change between now and the game’s release in the future. American McGee and Spicy Horse Games have mentioned on a post over on Kickstarter that Akaneiro: Demon Hunter should be out as a closed beta by the end of April 2013 for Android tablets.

Website Referenced: Akaneiro on Kickstarter

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