Angry Birds Seasons’ next update will be Cherry Blossoms

Breaking away from the traditional seasonal updates revolving around holidays, Rovio has revealed on their Angry Birds twitter account that the next Angry Birds Seasons update will be Cherry Blossoms, another Asian themed episode.

Set to be released on March 7th, details about what exactly will come with this new Angry Birds Seasons update are not known just yet, only that it will be themed around Cherry Blossoms which, in March, is when they start blooming. How many levels and what will be hidden in this update is unknown right now.

So not only do we have Angry Birds Space arriving on March 22nd, we now also have an update for Angry Birds Seasons on the way as well.

Image courtesy of Angry Birds Club (Russian). That is the actual presentation/announcement from Japan.

Source: Angry Birds Twitter

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