Angry Birds Seasons now available – 25 X-mas levels, 45 Halloween levels

As we mentioned last week, the Christmas version of Angry Birds was coming to Android. Well the wait is over and Angry Birds ‘Seasons’ has been released onto the Android Market. Why ‘Seasons’? Because aside from the 25 levels for Christmas, there are also 45 levels from the Halloween version we missed out on back in October.

Each Christmas level is also on a timer, so it is just like an Advent Calender. 1 Level per day can be completed. At the end of all 25 days, it looks like you’ll be able to open a big present which you can access by sliding the level select screen over to the left. By the looks of the present, you’ll need to have 3 stars on each level or have gotten all the presents in all levels to get access to whatever is inside.


Also don’t forget about Angry Birds day, this December 11th, 2010, where meet-ups will be held around the world with some fun activities and possibly some surprises from Rovio. For more details you check out our post about it! Until then, go grab Angry Birds Seasons, it is free on the Android Market.

Developer Website: Rovio

Direct Market Link: Angry Birds Seasons

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