Apex Legends gets mobile-first hero Rhapsody, a DJ with rhythm powers

New hero Rhapsody for Apex Legends mobile

Apex Legends mobile has been a fantastic launch for fans of battle royale games. Just over a month after the game graced pocket gamers, Respawn Entertainment is introducing a new hero called Rhapsody. As it turns out, she’s coming first to mobile.

Who is Rhapsody in Apex Legends?

Revealed in an all-new trailer, Rhapsody is the latest Legend coming to Apex Legends. Unlike most heroes, Rhapsody is a mobile-first character, launching on mobile devices before she comes to PC and console at a late date.

Making her debut in Apex Legends Mobile Season 2, Rhapsody is a rhythm-loving DJ paired with a cute robotic companion called Rowdy. Rhapsody’s love of music is integral to her character; the hero’s new abilities are all designed around rhythm.

In the entertaining new trailer, Respawn revealed the character’s intriguing backstory. Born in Kómma, Rhapsody escaped a life of poverty by becoming a famous musician in the city’s dangerous nightlife. As she enjoyed her time in the limelight, her AI engineer mother created Rowdy before being fired from tech giant Pythas Inc.

Rhapsody’s story will be unveiled throughout Apex Legends Mobile Season 2. The musical hero will fight through the Apex Games in order to free her family from debt. But will you help her to fight for her family?

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When is Rhapsody coming to console and PC?

As one of the first mobile-launch heroes, Apex Legends fans are upset that us mobile gamers are getting something first. We still don’t know how long it will be until Rhapsody will release on mobile, but console and PC gamers will also have an additional wait.

As the new hero is a “mobile-first” hero, the character is also making her way to other platforms. However, Rhapsody shows that Respawn Entertainment is willing to prioritize mobile gamers, at least for some releases.

There’s no knowing if we’ll see more mobile-first heroes in the future. Personally, we would love to have content parity between mobile and other platforms. On the other hand, we do enjoy being treated like a priority. At least every now and again.

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