Apex Legends Mobile: Season 2 starts today with mobile-first hero and map

New hero Rhapsody for Apex Legends mobile

Respawn Entertainment is kicking off Apex Legends Mobile Season 2 with a bang! Just over a month from the game’s debut, the frenetic battle royale is back with more content for devout players. Are you ready for more of the Apex Games? 

When does Apex Legends Mobile Season 2 start? 

Kicking off right now, Apex Legends Mobile Season 2 is now available on mobile platforms. As soon as you open the game, the launcher should begin downloading the new version of Respawn’s legendary mobile conversion. But what’s in for new update? 

First things first, the new season introduces you to the first new hero to Apex Legends since the mobile port’s release. Debuting first on mobile, Rhapsody is the game’s new legend, a deadly DJ with an adorable robot companion named Rowdy. You’ll be able to fight back with rad rhythmic powers! 

Next comes the game’s first mobile-first map: Pythas Block 0. An all-new Deathmatch battleground, Pythas Block 0 is just one of two new maps available to play. Furthermore, the Kings Canyon map for the main battle royale experience is now available on mobile. 

If your thought that was a lot of content, you’re right. However, Respawn Entertainment thinks not. Case in point: a smattering of new game modes are now available including hack and Gun Game. Who doesn’t love Gun Game? (It’s awesome!)

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Season 2: Distortion events

Apex Legends Mobile: Season 2 is not just coming on it’s own. In fact, alongside myriad gameplay additions, the season is launching with a number of cosmetics and events to bite into. 

Kicking off the new season, three events are now live: Town Takeover Encore Galore, Rhapsody Live, and Conquerer of Kings. That’s a lot of events for the start of a season, and more are coming! 

Furthermore, this update is coming with some much-needed UI improvements. Readability and navigation should be much improved in this update. In our experience, this was one of the game’s only major shortcomings. 

If you need to see every new addition and chance to the game, check out the patch notes here

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