Apex Legends Mobile Pre-Registration Now Live Around the Globe

Last week another round of soft launch testing kicked off for Apex Legends. How could this week top that, you might have been asking. Well, how about global pre-registration for the game going live on the Play Store?

Because that’s exactly what’s happened. And to coincide with it, Respawn has released a brand new trailer that shows off some action from the game. Which is pretty cool.

We’ll get to the trailer at the end of this paragraph, honest. There are pre-registration milestones that’ll unlock more and more goodies as more and more people register their interest. Here’s the trailer. Told you.

According to a counter, which you can check out at the game’s pre-registration page by clicking here, more than 7 million people have already signed up. That’s so many people.

If you want to pre-register yourself, you can click here to do just that on the Play Store. The game should be going into full launch mode this summer, but we’ll let you know as and when we hear anything more concrete.

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