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Arena of Evolution: Chess Heroes is an Auto Chess-like out now in soft launch

Arena of Evolution: Chess Heroes Android

The developers of Dota 2’s hit Auto Chess mod have only just announced a mobile remake but a clone, Arena of Evolution: Chess Heroes, has already appeared on Google Play.

It’s identical to the mod, though with no Dota characters in sight. You can check it out right now as it’s soft launched in certain regions.

Arena of Evolution: Chess Heroes features over 60 different heroes to collect and upgrade

There are over 60 heroes to collect and use on the battlefield, and you can upgrade each one of them.

You’ll select your favourites, place them on a chess-like board, and create your own unique battle formation.

If you’d like to check it out, you can grab this Auto Chess-like on Google Play right now in certain territories.

As ever, please let us know where you are/aren’t able to download it in the comments to help our audience narrow down its launch territories.

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