Artemis Space Bridge Simulator jumps from PC over to Android

Incandescent Workshop has brought their PC-based space sim over to Android as of a couple of days ago. Artemis Space Bridge Simulator is a full space sim game where players take on the role of a bridge officer that is aboard a space ship. Now you can live out your fantasy of being someone important in a space themed show or game.

Players will be in charge of manning the entire ship with the appropriate crew members which includes positions such as the Captain, Helms Officer, Weapons Officer, Engineering, Communications officer and a Science officer. Each position plays a pretty important role in regards to your ship running smoothly whether it is just traveling through space or engaging in combat.

Before you get over excited to nerd out to this game like we are, there is one key thing you should know. This is a multiplayer game and as such an individual player can control multiple positions on a ship but it is mandatory two have at least two players (max is six) for each ship. Each server allows up to six ships to be on at any given time and there is no promises that the other ships will be friendly.

If you’re ready to jump into a full blown multiplayer space sim game then you might want to check this one out. Artemis Space Bridge Simulator is available off of Google Play for $2.99.

Google Play Link: Artemis Space Bridge Simulator

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