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Gamelion releases I Must Run! teaser trailer – We’re left wondering wtf

Gamelion has released a teaser trailer for their upcoming game called I Must Run! which will be released onto the Android platform, along with iOS and Playstation Minis, very soon. While little is known about this game… well actually nothing is known about this game. From what we could dig up, you have 24 hours in the game to save your girl.

However, beyond having 24 hours to save your girl, nothing much else is known about this game. Whether it is an RPG or and action game, perhaps it is like the Mystique games that Bendroid has released, those room escape type games. Whatever it is, the trailer left us with a sort of wtf feeling and this is certainly a big detour from Gamelion’s usual cutesy type games such as Furry Legends for Android.

I will say for a trailer, the animated comic style works well. Hopefully the game will use this sort of animated comic style as well as it certainly fits the mood of the game. When we know more information on this great looking game, expect a new post from us about it. The only other thing we know is that it will be released by the end of 2010. Perhaps their next press release will have more information for us.

Developer Website: Gamelion

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