Day: 13 May 2013


Elevator Hero by Supertapp Interactive now ready for beta testers

Elevator Hero by Supertapp Interactive is an arcade game that looks like it takes influence from Taito’s old school arcade game called Elevator Action. Currently being developed by a one-man team, Evelvator Hero plays a lot like the old Elevator Action game as you play as a criminal type of character who is has to use elevators to avoid the police who are doing their rounds in each building.


Google Play APK teardown reveals upcoming Google Play Games ahead of Google I/O

Over the weekend the new Google Play APK was ripped apart by the folks over at Android Police and inside the APK’s gooey innards were source files for the alleged Google Play Games service we have been talking about on and off for over two years. It looks like Google I/O 2013 will more than likely have an announcement announcing the official Google game center type of service we’ve all been wishing for.