ATeam gearing up for launching War of Legions, pre-registration now open

The developers of Dark Summoner and Dark Rebirth have a new game in the works and they are gearing up for the game’s official launch which will be happening soon. ATeam’s newest game is called War of Legions and this particular game is going to be a real-time guild battle RPG.

While this game does take the shape of a TCG title like their past titles, ATeam has reworked the battle system into something that is rather unique. Instead of going head-to-head with another player or creature, this game is all about big battles between groups of players. There are two factions involve in War of Legions: The Legion of Order and the Legion of Chaos.

There are over 500 monsters to collect and battle with and combat is in real-time where you’ll need to set up formations and battle it out with your opponents. While this still isn’t 100% original, where it does start getting unique is that players can chain attacks with each other, creating stronger attacks in the process. A lot of the combat system is based around this type of teamwork and players will earn rewards  the more they work together.

To round everything out, this game also comes with CGI cut-scenes for those of you who actually want to pay attention to the storyline. Right now ATeam is getting ready to launch War of Legions and just lie they did with Dark Summoner and Dark Rebirth, pre-registration is now live. If you register now you will receive one of two exclusive monsters for pre-registered players: the Hailstorm Golem (a big Golem that looks like he’s made out of ice) or the Hell Blaze Dragon (a fiery dragon).

As for when the game will actually launch, there is no release date announced just yet. Until then, you can always watch the trailer above which is actually pretty impressive looking.

Official Website: War of Legions Pre-registration

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