Available Now in the Play Store: Epic Skater: Endless Skateboarding from Kongregate

Another skateboarding game has arrived in the month of July for all of you skateboarding fans. Epic Skater brought to us from developer Your Daily Fill via publisher Kongregate, arrived in the Play Store today. Recently, the Android community was treated to Transworld Endless Skater from Supervillian Studios. Whereas Transworld Endless Skater’s learning curve was a little steep, but still fun, Epic Skater will have you pulling off tricks in no time at all.

While many people are still waiting for Tony Hawk’s Shred Session to be released, those that truly enjoy skateboarding can download Epic Skater now. It is an endless runner style game in which your skateboarder will continue to move across the screen as long as you land tricks successfully and avoid the obstacles. The controls are easy to learn as they are limited to taps, holds and swipes. However, the combination of tricks and the way they are implemented makes it simple to pull off ollies, grabs, manuals, kick flips and many other signature moves.

Team members from Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 worked on this project and they have made the game very accessible to those that may be unfamiliar with how to pull off tricks and combos. The tutorial within the game is quite helpful and could easily be used as a model for other developers to see how in-game tutorials can be fun and provide great instruction at the same time. The graphics and environment burst with color and are reminiscent of another popular endless runner, Subway Surfers.

The game is free to play with in-app purchases. There are basic tricks that are unlocked when you start the game. You use in-game coins to improve your ollies, speed, tricks, grinds and manuals. Spins and specials are not unlocked when you start the game. The coins are easy to collect as long as you can keep your skateboarder from bailing. Since the game is free to play, the in-game shop offers energy drinks and coins for real money.

If you enjoy quick bursts of skating fun and an easy learning curve with your games, you can download Epic Skater now for your device.

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