Available Now: Retro Wings: A High Flying Challenge

Retro Wings: Flappy Plane Aces is a game from 8-Bit Gamestudio out of Bangkok, Thailand, and developer Arkavis. 8-Bit Gamestudio continues with their latest release Retro Wings, which follows Retry Bird and Retry Run, which are already available in the Play Store. As you may have guessed, this game is in the same genre as Flappy Bird. It is difficult and full of beautiful pixels, but does not feel punishing, because of the excellent game controls. If you enjoy challenging games, then take flight with Retro Wings to see how far you can get.

I have to admit, I didn’t buy into the whole Flappy Bird craze. For some reason, the game just didn’t grab me, so I never tried to download any of the clones. Retro Wings fits in with a slew of releases lately, that focus on completing difficult tasks. The Play Store, now has quite a few games from different game studios that have produced brutally difficult games. It is amazing that so many people will submit themselves to such challenges, but after having played Retro Wings, I can see why. Retro Wings has that one more time, I think I can make it farther, type of game play. The reason it may be successful is because this is the third time that 8-Bit Gamestudio has put a game out to market with the same focus.

“The objective of Retro Wings is to maneuver your plane through challenging worlds with increasingly hard levels, without crashing into the environment or one of the games many obstacles.” -8-Bit Gamestudio

The first goal in Retro Wings is to fly 200 meters. After my 52nd attempt, I made it! Please keep in mind that this game has in-game achievements. I had obtained several achievements before reaching the first goal, like, crash ten times or fly 2,000 meters. Yes, I had flown 2000 meters collectively on all of my attempts, but had yet to reach the paltry 200 meter first goal. Yet, I wasn’t frustrated by all of my attempts and here are the reasons why. The game controls are excellent, the graphics, even though 8-bit in design, are wonderfully colorful, the environments change and the music is good.

The touch controls in Retro Wings are excellent. As with any other game in this category, everything is controlled by simply pressing the screen. How long you depress the screen in this game, dictates whether or not your plane will fly in a high-flying loop, smoke trail included. This gives the game some flair and makes it more unique, in that it is not just up and down all the time. The environment changes, even within the same level, so you can’t really play the game based on remembering what is coming up next. Combining pleasant graphics with good music, allows this game to be so much more than a clone of the many others in the Play Store.

Retro Wings Features:

  • Addictive game play with challenging, increasing difficulty level
  • Eight worlds available to unlock with crazy obstacles and unique looks
  • Dozens of well known characters and famous planes to choose
  • New-World Unlock Mode: New following world will be unlocked automatically, after succeeding the previous world achievement
  • New-Over 50 exciting achievements to compete with your friends
  • Hardest game ever – play it for free – over and over again
  • Awesome retro 8-Bit graphics for a vintage look and feel
  • Collect coins for resurrection to extend your play
  • Have fun with your friends, compete and share your personal high score
  • 6 Different languages to choose from

Retro Wings is available to download for free in the Play Store. Yes, there are in-app purchases. What are they for? Part of what you are doing while avoiding obstacles is collecting the sparsely located coins in each of your runs. I didn’t find it to difficult to get the coins, and after playing so many times, you can rack up the coins relatively quickly. You also get one coin for coming back to the game to play daily. The coins are used for continues in the game, unlocking the other seven environments, or for buying the multitude of different planes available. Some planes are unlocked based on how well you fly, and worlds can be unlocked, by completing the previous world, which means flying a certain distance.

There are ads in the game. Every time you crash, which will be often, you are faced with an ad. It wouldn’t be so bad if the X to close the ad wasn’t so small. Countless times I hit the X to close the ad, but it took me directly to the play store for another game. This was more frustrating than the difficulty of the game, especially since I was crashing all the time. You can unlock the ads for $2.99, buy 100 coins for $2.99 (I am not sure why these aren’t one in the same), 25 coins for $.99 or 400 coins for $9.99. Oh yeah, every time you watch an ad you get 1 coin. Some games allow you to unlock the ads whenever you make a purchase, which I prefer, but not the case here.

Overall, I don’t think you should miss out on Retro Wings. I think it is a good and challenging game to keep on your device for quick game play. 8-Bit Gamestudio has successfully created a game that will keep you flying for quite some time, even if it is only for short distances.

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