Avatar: The Last Airbender comes to Brawlhalla mobile

Nickelodeon’s brilliant cartoon series Avatar: The Last Airbender is coming to Smash Bros competitor Brawlhalla. As one of many crossovers for the game, you’ll now get to play as the series’ beloved cast of characters. 

Following the game’s recent Castlevania crossover, this new promotion adds three new characters to play as. As part of the content drop, Brawlhalla has added playable versions of Aang, Toph and Zuko. 

Available on November 16th, these characters will be available to be unlocked in the free-to-play game. If you’re a fan of the Avatar TV show, you’ll love this. 

Firstly, the titular Avatar Aang is a crossover skin for Brawlhalla’s Wu Shang character. In-game, Aang fights with gauntlets and a spear. Furthermore, the character is able to summon all four elements, entering the Avatar state for his ultimate. 

The character’s nemesis-turned-friend Zuko is also a crossover character.  A skin for Hattori, Zuko fights with a sword and spear on the stage. Similar to Aang’s ultimate, the character is able to turn into the dangerous Blue Spirit for his ultimate. 

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Finally, the Earthbender Toph is a crossover for Kor. The blind martial artist fights with a suitably powerful set of gauntlets and hammers. If you trigger her ultimate attack, you’ll get a massive attack buff for your moves. 

If you want to take part in the Avatar: The Last Airbender event, you’ll have to pick up the free-to-play game. You can pick up Brawlhalla for free right here on the Google Play Store. 

Are you excited for the new Brawlhalla event? Tell us your thoughts on the new Avatar: The Last Airbender in the comments below. Well, if you want to, that is. 

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