Bad Run Turbo Edition is an Endless Metroidvania, Out Now in Early Access on Android

Bad Run Turbo Edition is an intriguing new metroidvania that’s available to play right now in early access on Android.

It features a ton of levels – all of which are procedurally generated. You’ll explore a castle metroidvania style, which means you’ll uncover new methods of traversal as you progress.

Bad Run Turbo Edition Features an Endless Mode that Seriously Ups the Challenge

As you explore, you’ll pick up coins that you can spend on character upgrades or useful items in the story. You’ll also get prize cards, daily rewards, and coins from achievements.

There’s also an endless mode that will seriously up the challenge. Beat it though and you’ll earn bonus coins that you can spend on even more upgrades.

If this sounds like fun to you, head on over to Google Play right now and grab Bad Run Turbo Edition right now in early access. It’s a premium release at around $5.

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