Bandai Namco will be letting Japanese developers pitch them game ideas with existing Bandai Namco IPs

Bandai Namco has announced plans to allow Japanese developers to pitch them game ideas and similar subjects that use Bandai Namco’s catalog of existing IPs (Intellectual Properties). These plans are similar to what Square Enix has begun doing recently as well.

Bandai Namco will begin fielding pitches from local Japanese developers to make games that use characters from select franchises they own, including popular properties like Pac-ManGalaga and Dig Dug. All of this will begin next month and when it does begin, Japanese developers will be able to request permission to use certain characters in their games. Essentially, if Bandai Namco gives a developer permission to use a character, that developer can go on to create their game using that character.

However, developers will be required to submit to what Bandai Namco refers to as a “project review” which is what they will be using instead of a traditional licensing agreement. If all is well, Bandai Namco will issue their permission to the developer and away they go. There is no platform restrictions announced so this could include mobile titles as well. How developers will actually submit a ‘product review’ hasn’t been announced yet.

There is a full list of IPs being made available in the official announcement which, if you are interested, you can check out in the link below.

Website Referenced: Gamasutra | Bandai Namco Announcement (PDF)

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