Bang Bang Racing drops Tegra exclusivity, now everyone can start banging wheels

Bang Bang Racing was originally released by Atomicom to Tegra 2 devices way back in May 2011. Since then, this top-down racer found its home on Windows, PSN and XBLA. Now, the developers have decided its high-time the game made its general Android debut, and as such it is available to non-Tegra devices on the Play Store as Bang Bang Racing HD.

Bang Bang Racing boasts an impressive list of features. You get to race at 8 real-world locations, and take control of 20 different vehicles that have varying handling models and skins. There are four different racing classes too, in addition to four different game modes.

The developers tout a unique control mechanism that allows you to point your car the direction in which you want it to go, like as if you’re drawing a racing line for it to follow. If that doesn’t float your boat, there are three other alternative control methods. Also, there are dynamic objects in the game that will add a layer of realism to it.

Whatever took Atomicom so long (19 months to be precise!) to release a non-Tegra version is beyond us. Still, despite the long period of time, the game still looks good with some vibrant visuals. If top-down racing is your kind-of-type-a-thing, then Bang Bang Racing HD can be had off Google Play for $1.59.

Google Play Link: Bang Bang Racing HD

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