Barcode City (Beta)

There isn’t a whole lot of games that exist that take advantage of the barcode scanners available for Android. While most usually are terrible in one form or another, there are a few exceptions to the rule. One exception is Barcode Beasties which recently started back up with updates and development. Another possible exception comes in the form of Barcode City.

Developed by Foamy Guy, Barcode City requires you to have a barcode scanner installed and scanning barcodes to gain resources in this simulation game. You get 10 scans a day in which to gain whatever random amount of the 4 resources you have to choose from. To scan, tap the resource you want to collect and it will open up the barcode scanner at which point you scan the barcode you have and it will add whatever resources it finds to your total. Rinse and repeat until all ten scans are used up.

With the resources you can build/research Housing, Factories, Food Silos, Farms, Recycling Centers, and Banks. At the start you have zero resources, 100 population, 24 houses (they hold 4 people per house +1 per level of research), 1 Food Silos and 1 Factory. Just keep doing your scanning and building every day to grow your city.

TIP: Get 50 food asap or your population starts dieing. Learned that pretty quick.


  • Easy -pick-up-and-play style gaming
  • Not heavy on graphics, this is about stats and a simulation style game.
  • Casual gameplay style, just do you duties every day, takes about 10-15 minutes depending on how slow you are.


If you screw up at some point you can always start over by pressing the Menu button and pressing Start New Game but be warned, sometimes starting a new game won’t let you scan in your new game for the first day regardless if you have used your scans or not for the day in your old game. If this happens just restart again until you get your scans.

While graphically light and menu driven, if you are looking for a casual game to play in your spare time whether at home or while out and about, this is definitely a good candidate to check out. Take your turn and then don’t worry about it till tomorrow. Even better, it’s free! Remember though this is in Beta form so if you find a bug or have any sort of input, instead of leaving a bad rating, leave a comment with the bug so it can get fixed or contact the developer with your input.

I also have the idea this is somehow affiliated with Badlogic Games..could be the button in the menu taking you to their Newton game which is also a great retro physics game you should check out.

Developer Website: Foamy Guy

Click QR Code to enlarge for easy scanning: {rokbox}images/stories/QRCodeLibrary/QRBarcodeCity.png{/rokbox}

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