Battle Chess sequel could come to Android through Kickstarter

When I was little boy, my mom and dad would always take me into Radio Shack because I liked to look at the toy robots and other gizmos the store had for sale. I also remember being completely fascinated by a computer game that featured chess pieces actively killing each other with every move. I can only assume with my limited memory that this game was some version of Battle Chess. Recently, a Kickstarter campaign got underway to bring a Battle Chess sequel to multiple platforms including Android.

Subdued Software is taking the reigns for Battle Chess, and are looking for $100,000 to fund the rest of the game. As of right now, more than 175 backers have pledged over $5,500 to Battle Chess. The campaign will continue for the next 25 days. Should Battle Chess get over $100,000, it will get ported to Android, iOS, Xbox 360 and Mac.

Subdued Software mostly needs the money to implement online multiplayer with achievements, leaderboards, skill based matchmaking, stats and in-game chat. The company thought about leaving out multiplayer, but the the staff believed “releasing Battle Chess without multiplayer would have left the fans feeling ripped-off or slighted in some way.”

Donating $15 will get you a downloadable copy of Battle Chess. Pledges over $1,000 will be invited to the game’s launch party, a t-shirt, the game’s collector’s edition and a few more goodies.

Source: Kickstarter

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