Be a Racing Hero in Moto Racing Hero, now available for download

Moto Racing Hero is a new motorcycle racing game that released onto Google Play. The developer,  Light Speed Interactive, had previously launched it in China, but now it is available for a more worldwide audience. 

Like most racing games, Moto Racing Hero offers multiple tracks set in different locations like Paris or New York City. The game’s descrption promises “real competition” so there may be online multiplayer. I realize that may not be great journalism but as you can see for yourself, its features are worded somewhat oddly.

Moto Racing Hero Features:st>

– Real Competition
– Real Motos, real tracks, real-time racing with real players!
– Super Motos
– Top Motos from the world’s most prestigious manufacturers!
– Global Rally Tour
– Race through the worlds’ most bustling metropolis like Paris, New York, London, Cairo whatever you like.
– Multiple Racing Modes
– Include Career, Crash Mode, 1 Vs 1, Time Trial.

Moto Racing Hero uses a free-to-play model. In-app purchases are available and range from $.99 to $16.99.

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