Beautiful Point-and-Click Adventure Game Truberbrook is Out Now on Android

Truberbrook, the ambitious and visually stunning point-and-click adventure game from publisher Headup, has landed on the Google Play Store.

Set in 1960s Germany, during the height of the cold war, the game sees you playing as an American scientist visiting a remote village after winning a holiday in a prize draw.

Except all is not as it seems. You soon get drawn into a sci-fi adventure full of twists, turns, puzzles, and occasionally combing the screen with your cursor in desperation.

While Truberbrook is a serviceable – if unremarkable – adventure game, it’s a technical marvel. The sets are hand-made and then digitally enhanced, creating a lifelike universe to explore.

Reviews have been fairly mixed, alas, and Truberbrook is hardly an epic at 5-10 hours of gameplay. It’s just about worth it for the production values, though.

You can download Truberbrook on the Google Play Store right now. And mobile might be the best platform. It costs $4.99 on Android, which is considerably cheaper than the $29.99 it costs on PC.

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