Become Leonidas in Super Spartan Fury World, a new arcade platformer inspired by Mega Man X

Unity Realm has released a new arcade platformer today called Super Spartan Fury World, which was apparently inspired by Mega Man X. In this particular game players will be assuming the role of Leonidas, King of the Spartans, who has been called into action by Zeus to help defend Olympus.

Unfortunately the Gods in Olympus can’t stop all the chaotic creatures that have spawned in the darkest parts of the void and have invaded the realm of the Gods. Since Leonidas seems to become twice the bad ass when he is enraged, Zeus has called upon him to deal with said creatures.

Super Spartan Fury World Features:

– Over 40+ intense and fun levels!
– Fight evil bosses themed around the demons of Greek mythology
– Jump and shoot your way to victory! unleash the fury of King Leonidas
– Collect treasure to help you along your journey
– Future updates with more levels and more boss battles

Players will be journeying through multiple locations and stages, taking out any evil creature they come into contact with, and eventually their bosses as well. Of course there will be some loot to collect along the way. Interestingly enough, players will be going into both the light world of the Gods, and the corrupted dark world to put an end to this invasion. One other item to note is that every level has instanced sections, based on where the player is at that time. The game reacts to this and throws challenges at the player.

The developers also plan to release updates in the future that will add more content to the game, including additional boss fights as well. Super Spartan Fury World is available for download off of Google Play for free and doesn’t have any IAPs either.

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