Black Desert Mobile Gets a Massive Update, Including a New World Boss and Node War

Black Desert Mobile has just received a huge update that introduces a wealth of new content, including a new World Boss and Node War feature.

The World Boss goes by the name Karanda, and is the Queen of Harpies. You’ll have to be at least level 50 to participate, and turn up at certain times of the day as detailed in the official patch notes.

Black Desert Mobile Lets You Craft Epic Gear at Blacksmiths and Perform Higher Tier Black Spirit Quests

Node War has also begun. Level 3 guilds can participate, collecting tax and guild bonuses for their trouble.

Elsewhere, you can now craft Epic gear from the Blacksmith, perform Black Spirit Quests at a higher Tier of 13, which unlocks at Black Spirit Level 152.

Check out the full patch notes above to see everything included in the update. You can also go ahead and grab Black Desert Mobile on Google Play right now.

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