Black Desert Mobile Gets PvP Mode Siege War and 2D Platform Adventure Mode Asula’s Den

Black Desert Mobile just received a sizeable update that includes two new playable modes for you to battle through.

The first of these is Siege War, a brand new PvP mode for guilds that challenges you to battle it out for control over two different regions, Balenos and Serendia.

Black Desert Mobile Features Two New Modes Right Now on Android

To win, you’ll have to simultaneously defend your Holy Artifacts while attacking your opponent’s. Win, and you’ll own the entire region, receiving huge amounts of silver from taxes.

It’s kind of like a Node War – in fact, you can only participate if you own a tier 2 node. You’ll also have to be in a guild that’s at least level 5 and features 10 members or more.

Meanwhile, Asula’s Den is a bit of a departure for Black Desert Mobile. It’s a side-scrolling platform adventure mode that unlocks at Black Spirit level 30, and rewards you with a golden box if you beat the boss.

Go ahead and grab Black Desert Mobile right now on Google Play and experience the new content.

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