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Black Desert Mobile is Out Now in Soft Launch on Android

As we mentioned it would yesterday, Black Desert Mobile has finally soft launched on Android. If you live in Canada, Chile, Sweden, Malaysia, Turkey, Ireland, or Australia, you can check it out right now. Thanks to commentor Hand Ofg for the territory information.

Sadly, that does mean those in the US and most of Europe can’t check it out yet, but the full game is set to launch in December so there’s not an awful lot of time to wait.

Black Desert Mobile Aims to Emulate the PC and Console MMORPG on Mobile

Black Desert Mobile aims to emulate the experience of the PC and console MMORPG, just on your phone. We’re not sure exactly how close the mobile experience is, though it looks almost identical to the original except for its isometric camera.

The classes, action combat, extra curricular activities like farming and fishing, and the medieval world design are all intact. It’s also absolutely stunning, defying what we expect a mobile device to be capable of.

So head on over to Google Play right now and grab Black Desert Mobile if you live in one of the soft launch territories. We’re not sure if you can bypass the regional restrictions with a VPN, but we reckon someone in the comments can help you with that.

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