Bladeslinger and Bounty Arms THD getting released onto Android soon?

Kerosene Games and Luma Arcade look like they work on a fair amount of their games with a bit of a team effort. Both have had their hands dirty in Bladeslinger as well as a few upcoming games we will touch on later. Open-Reset is responsible for another game we’ve talked about in the past, and even had some hands-on time with, called Bounty Arms THD, which Kerosene Games is also helping out on.

During a Mobile Monday event in Johannesburg today, it appears that Luma Arcade has mentioned that Bladeslinger may finally be making its way to Android after a long period of waiting, at least according to a bunch of tweets that were retweeted by Kerosene Games. For those of you unfamiliar with this game, Bladeslinger is a bit of an on-rails action game set in a western theme but contains other elements like magic. We’ve actually had plenty of hands-on time with this game thanks to an early build sent to us awhile back.

Bounty Arms Trailer

Bounty Arms THD is a side-scrolling action game sporting some rather nice 3D visuals and some pretty unique gameplay mechanics you don’t usually find in a side-scrolling action game. For starters, you just don’t move left and right the entire game. Sometimes you will need to move towards or away from the screen as well (or back and forth depending on how you like to describe this). As the game title suggests, you’ll be going around to different worlds and will be collecting bounties which is usually a lot harder than it needs to be.

So when can we expect either game to be released onto Google Play? Unfortunately there is no specific date mentioned, only that it should be arriving soon.

Websites Referenced: Kerosene Games | Luma Arcade | Open-Reset

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