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Kerosene Games finally releases Bladeslinger onto Google Play

We’ve talked about Bladeslinger on and off for over a year at least, getting our first glimpse of it back in 2011 and subsequent hands-on shortly thereafter. Since it’s initial announcement that this game would be coming to Android, it has been delayed a few times for a variety to reasons. It finally got released onto iOS early this year and now Android has finally gotten Bladeslinger as well.


Bladeslinger and Bounty Arms THD getting released onto Android soon?

Kerosene Games and Luma Arcade look like they work on a fair amount of their games with a bit of a team effort. Both have had their hands dirty in Bladeslinger as well as a few upcoming games we will touch on later. Open-Reset is responsible for another game we’ve talked about in the past, and even had some hands-on time with, called Bounty Arms THD, which Kerosene Games is also helping out on.