Sneak Peek at Bladeslinger, Riptide GP and Shadowgun for Tegra 3 Android devices

Now that we are out of the more technical announcements and are now talking about the meat of the subject, that being games, I’m sure you’re enjoying all these articles about all the seriously awesome games coming our way. Now you will be treated to a bigger preview of Bladeslinger and the Tegra 3 versions of Riptide GP and Shadowgun.

While we already know that Bladeslinger is going to be pretty epic itself, if you missed the previous article about it where we go a bit more in-depth about this game, you can access that here. For a quick summary though, Bladeslinger is going to be a hack n’ slash action game with a western theme and plenty of mutants, a third-person action brawler if you will. It also comes with some interesting methods of combat including a card system which will have you using cards to cast spells. This is the stuff tablet top RPG’s are made of.

Riptide GP, on the other hand, is getting a face lift with improved water physics and some new graphical content. The really great aspect of this face lift though is that while you are racing, busting out large air and huge tricks, water can spray at you and hit your screen. Well the effect of that is there anyways, not literally water although that would be cool. On top of that, there is an improvement in frame rates as well. A lot of developers are aiming at getting a steady 60FPS (Frames-per-second) with these Tegra 3 games and are easily getting it.

Shadowgun we already knew for a short while would be getting a Tegra 3 version and now we get to see a glimpse of it in the video above. Aside from the improved frame rates once again, the overall environment is much more details than the Tegra 2 version and has even smoother animation due to the increase in frame rates. There is also more detailed effects like better looking water and smoke. It may just shame the Tegra 2 version in a lot of ways.

Overall the line-up for Tegra 3 Android devices is looking pretty epic already and we haven’t even scratched the surface yet. There should be 15 titles available at launch time so don’t be surprised when we start dropping more articles on a lot of console-quality games for Android.

Developer Websites: Madfinger Games | Vector Unit | Luma Arcade

Official Game Websites: Bladeslinger

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