Bluff Dice Drinking Game

So far I haven’t really seen a drinking game available for Android that has actually peaked my interest enough to download it and play. However a game called Bluff Dice caught my eye and after downloading it and playing, it’s actually fairly entertaining. Bluff Dice, developed by Net Mobile AG, is sort of a cross between poker style bluffing and Yatzee.

In this game you roll your dice by shaking your phone after which you are dealt your 5 dice with ones being wild. Between the two player you have to guess when the other player is bluffing in regards to how many of a particular number is showing on all ten dice (5 for you, 5 for the other player). If you win, he drinks, if you lose, you drink. After losing three times you are drunk and the game is over.

Bluff Dice comes with some pretty decent graphics as well as animations and even soothes you with some cheesy lounge music to make sure you are in the mood. One drawback to this game is that it’s single player, so it’s not a true drinking game but it’s not like you can’t take turns losing against the AI. Whether you are playing this as a drinking game or just to kill some time, it is pretty entertaining and even better, it’s free with no ads! (At least I didn’t see any).

You can pick up this little game on the Android market right now. I should probably never play this game ever when drinking as I continue to lose although I have made the opponent drink once!

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