Bosses and Bargains in the 6-Week Alien Creeps TD Anniversary Event

Alien Creeps TD is six years old. Released in 2014, Outplay’s immaculate tower defense classic is one of the genre’s shining lights, and it’s celebrating its birthday in style. 

The game, in case you don’t know, sees you defending planet earth from an extraterrestrial invasion. Aliens – creepy ones – are marching onto the battlefield from all directions, and you need to chop them to bits using towers, heroes, and squads of infantry. 

Outplay is marking Alien Creeps TD’s birthday with six weeks of events, starting on May 25th and lasting all the way through to July 6th. During these events you’ll get to fight six different bosses and enjoy a range of discounts and bundles. 

How much cheaper will stuff be than usual? Six times cheaper, of course.

The six bosses, which get harder as the weeks go by, are as follows: 

  1. The Gunker. This revolting monster hocks sticky loogies all over your towers, reducing their capacity to bring pain.
  2. The Phantom Tank. This tough, tank-like tank can nip into stealth mode.
  3. The Buckler. This tricky customer retreats into an impenetrable shield when its health ebbs too low, making it almost impossible to kill.
  4. The Glutton. This savage creature devours friendly creeps, healing itself in the process. 
  5. The Mender. This troublesome alien wears a suit that heals wounded comrades, meaning you need to take it down to ensure that your other enemies stay down too.
  6. The Dyna-Mite. These pun-based bosses explode at the moment of death, inflicting damage on your nearby units. 

That’s six weeks of unique challenges to overcome, rewards to enjoy, and bargains to snap up starting on May 25th. 

In the meantime, Alien Creeps TD has plenty to offer the casual strategy fan even in its pre-party state, with a huge 50 levels, three modes, and nearly 60 two minute challenges. Plus, there’s a neat Airstrikes and Reinforcements system, whereby you can invite others to get involved in your war, and vice versa. 

Alien Creeps TD is free to download, with IAPs for extra stuff. You can grab it right now on Google Play (or the App Store) by clicking here.

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