Brave Game Studios brings the olympics to Android in retro style

I’m probably going to date myself with this post but hey, I’m not that old. However, I’ve dropped my fair share of quarters in the arcades and owned pretty much every major console that has been released. So when Brave Game Studios dropped us a note about their new game Retro Olympics, I instantly had flashbacks of the old school sports games I so greatly sucked at playing.

Retro Olympics is pretty much as the title sounds. You will be competing in six different Olympic events that are wrapped up in all the retro eye candy you could want. It instantly reminded me of those Summer sports games from the arcade or old school consoles, but mostly the arcades where you had to smash the buttons as fast as possible to get your pixel ridden character to run and, in the process, hurting your fingers.

Retro Olympics Features:

100 metres: Athletics main event. Demonstrate that you are faster than
the wind.
Long jump: This is a good test of power and lifting. Be sure to get power and jump
into the air at the right time with the right angle.
110m Hurdles: You need speed and accuracy. You must be fast, but also
watch out for the obstacles. One stumble could ruin your race.
Javelin throw: Do you have a lucky arm? It’s time to prove it by throwing the javelin
further than your rivals.
50m Freestyle: If you move like a fish in the water, then in the pool you will be the winner for sure!
Weight lifting: Prove that you’re the strongest.

You will have the option of playing a single event or you can just jump right into tournament mode and see how you fair doing all six events. If you are up for a little retro gaming action, definitely check out Retro Olympics which you can nab off of the Google Play store for free.

Developer Website: Brave Game Studios

Google Play Link: Retro Olympics

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