Bridge Constructor Portal and More Going Cheap in the HeadUp Games Android Sale

Bridge Constructor Portal Android

HeadUp Games is holding a sale on the Google Play Store. Among the titles on offer are Bridge Constructor Portal, The Inner World, Shiny The Firefly, and several others. 

Bridge Constructor Portal is the highlight. In case you’re not familiar, it fuses two great puzzle mechanics – i.e., those found in Bridge Constructor and Portal – to create a compelling twist on an already compelling formula.

The Inner World, meanwhile, is a stylish, multiple award-winning adventure game series in which you play as a hapless court musician who sets out to restore the world’s air supply. 

Here’s a full list of the games on sale:

Bridge Constructor Portal ($4.99 down to $2.49)

Bridge Constructor Playground ($1.99 down to 99c)

Bridge Constructor Medieval ($1.99 down to 99c)

Bridge Constructor Stunts ($1.99 down to 99c)

Bunker Constructor ($1.99 down to 99c)

The Inner World ($2.99 down to 99c)

The Inner World – The Last Wind Monk ($4.99 down to $2.49)

Dead Age ($2.99 down to 99c)

Super Blackjack Battle 2 Turbo ($2.99 down to 99c)

Retro Winter Sports 1986 ($1.99 down to 99c)

Toby: The Secret Mine ($4.99 down to 99c)

Skilltree Saga ($2.99 down to 99c)

In Between ($2.99 down to 99c)

Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic ($6.99 down to $1.99)

RTL Freestyle Skiing ($1.99 down to 99c)

race.a.bit ($1.99 down to 99c)

Shiny The Firefly ($2.49 down to 99c)

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