Android Game Sale Round-Up: LEGO Batman, Quell series, Warlock’s Tower and more

It’s Friday which means it is time for another round-up of all the Android games currently on sale over on Google Play. While there isn’t a whole lot special with this upcoming weekend, there seems to be a lot of games on sale right now, with a lot of the titles being discounted are more along the lines of being franchises, such as a number of LEGO games or Bridge Constructor titles.

Besides the above mentioned two franchises, developers such as Catfishblues Games, Tortuga Team, and Fallentree Games all have a number of titles within series’ they have released on sale right now. So if you have been wanting to try out a particular franchise and it happens to be in this list, now is a good time to try them out. Without further delay, here is this week’s round-up.

Warner Bros Entertainment:

Headup Games:

Fallentree Games:

Catfishblues Games:

Tortuga Team:

Kemco Games:

Other Android Games on sale:


As always, if you happen to spot a game on sale that is not a part of this list, let us know in the comments below so everyone else can take advantage of it as well.

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