BRIG 12 is a Brand New Strategy RPG Featuring Music by 3 Doors Down, Mumford & Sons, and More

BRIG 12 is a brand new strategy RPG on mobile that challenges you to participate in turn-based battles, collect a variety of weapons, gear, and skills, and complete bounties.

While you can actively participate in the game, there’s an idle side to it too. You can send your crew on various missions to collect rewards for you.

BRIG 12 is Out Right Now on Android

These rewards include an extensive gear collection, experience to level up, and more. There’s always something to do in BRIG 12, even if you’re not actually able to play it this moment.

The most exciting feature of BRIG 12 though, has to be its soundtrack of all things. It features tracks by huge artists like 3 Doors Down and Mumford & Sons.

So head on over to Google Play right now and check out BRIG 12 right now. It’s worth it for that music alone.

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