Bunny Leap is a new retro-style arcade game taking inspiration from Q*Bert

A new retro-style arcade game recently landed on Google Play the other day called Bunny Leap from Streaky Games. As mentioned in the title of this article, Bunny Leap takes a lot of inspiration from the old arcade game Q*Bert. Even though the gameplay is similar, there are some differences as well.

For starters, players are not playing as a strange orange alien/monster type of creature that Q*Bert happens to be. Instead you are controlling a bunny. You are, however, trying to avoid strange ball-shaped monsters. Another difference is that this game has a variety of different shaped stages and not just all pyramid ones.

Bunny Leap Features:

– Simple swipe controls
– 50 challenging levels
– Silky smooth scrolling

The goal in this game is to complete each stage, getting all the spaces to the appropriate color but jumping on them. Sometimes it will require multiple jumps to get a single space to the right color. There also happens to be power-ups to help you along the way.

If you liked Q*Bert back in the day, then you might want to check this game out. Bunny Leap is available for $1.21 off of Google Play with no IAPs either.

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