Bust out of the slammer in Prison Run & Gun, now available from Google Play

Released by Quantized Bit, Prison Run and Gun is a new arcade platformer out for Android. In this game, players will be assuming the role of  an escapee, who will be working his way through thirty levels in his bid for freedom. You will have a variety of security mechanisms to circumvent, and range from fixed gun turrets to buzz saws, arcing electricity, and even barrels that can explode.

On the “way out” players will be using firearms copiously, but you will need to factor in that whatever you choose to carry (such as guns) will “weigh down” your prisoner, causing him to run slower and not be able to jump quite as high. The game utilizes a control scheme comprised of virtual buttons, so there are movement controls in the lower left of the screen, and some virtual buttons in the lower right.

In addition to these controls, players can also use Bluetooth controllers with the game. Prison Run and Gun is available from Google Play for a flat $1.99. Prospective escapees can check out the trailer below, to see more gameplay.

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