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Call Of Duty: Warzone Mobile Gets A Massive Delay

Feature image for our Call Of Duty Warzone Mobile release date news. It shows an in-game screen of several soldier characters waiting to be deployed.

If you were gearing up to play the new Call Of Duty: Warzone Mobile this month, we’ve got some bad news for you! It seems the release got a significant delay. While the game’s currently available for pre-registration on Google Play, you might not get your hands on it until November.

There’s not an official release date set, but according to our contacts with iPhones (nobody’s perfect) the date changed. The App Store sent a notification to anyone with the game wishlisted that the estimated release date was bumped back all the way to November.

Say Goodbye To A May Release Date

According to Call Of Duty fountain of information CharlieIntel, the expected release date was May the 15th previously, so it’s a considerable eleventh-hour pushback!

While delays are obviously disappointing, it’s often better than having to deal with a broken or lackluster title at launch. The sheer length of the delay would suggest that there’s a lot of work still to do, so we probably wouldn’t want to play it as-is.

So what is Call Of Duty: Warzone Mobile? Warzone Mobile is, well, a Mobile rendition of the popular and pretty well-received free-to-play 2020 title, Call Of Duty: Warzone, unsurprisingly.

All About Warzone Mobile

It’s a battle royale from the well-known franchise. It’s also a fairly ambitious one. The game’s planned to allow up to a massive 120 players on a map, more than PUBG Mobile.

The whole thing’s redesigned with mobile players in mind, while retaining maps and features loved by the on PC and console players.

The hefty capabilities of the title also come with a hefty spec cost too, when it does come out, don’t expect to have a chance to play on anything far below 6GB of RAM.

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