Candy Box Studio releases Twisted Circus platform racer onto Android

Candy Box Studio have released their first game onto the Google Play store called Twisted Circus. This particular game is a platform racing game where you can play as one of ten character before jumping into your little roller coaster cart to race through levels collecting gifts and coins as fast as possible.

Sporting some claymation-esque 3D animations, Twisted Circus is all about racing on roller coaster tracks as fast as possible collecting either gold coins or wrapped gifts depending on the game mode you are playing in.

Twisted Circus Features:

– An intuitive gameplay: one button to jump, a button to be upside down.
– Avoid the pitfalls, grab all the coins, and finish every level as soon as possible to earn 3 stars.
– We know the characters are professional toons but please try to stay on the track! Crashing too often is bad for their health…
– In the Gift Mode, grab all the gift-wrapping hidden in each level before the time runs out.
– In the Race mode, avoid all the pitfalls to cross the finish line in the allotted time.
– Discover the 45 levels with more to come in the future updates.
– 3 ultra colorful universes for your viewing pleasure.
– Don’t forget to complete the different achievements to become a champion.
– At any time, you can face an enemy your ghost (a virtual character corresponding to your best score).
– 2 Player gameplay available

One unique feature about this game is that it comes with multiplayer. Two people can play a race at any time regardless of where they are located. While this game is pretty solid overall, there are a few things that get a bit annoying. If you do not sign in to the Papaya social gaming platform, it will keep asking you at the end of each race. Also, even though it is a free game, the ads show up in the top right during each race.

Twisted Circus is a free games that does come with optional in-game purchases for extra coins. You can earn coins to unlock everything eventually though so the in-game purchases are optional. If you can deal with the couple of annoying points with Twisted Circus, it is an enjoyable platform racing game that you can download off of the Google Play store for free.

Developer Website: Candy Box Studio

Google Play Link: Twisted Circus

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