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Android Version On The Way As Cat Quest II Is Finally Released From Apple Arcade’s Clutches

Feature image for our Cat Quest 2 Android news. It shows a cat and dog character wandering around on an isometric view RPG world map.

An Android version of Cat Quest II is officially underway, and soon users on our favorite platform will get to enjoy a title previously only Apple Arcade users were able to play.

In an announcement on the official Twitter account, developer The Gentlebros confirmed that Cat Quest II would cease to be part of Apple Arcade from the 19th of June, and become an ordinary app on the App Store.

An Undisclosed Release Date

This came with the more exciting announcement that, as a consequence of the change, work would kick off on an Android version of the beloved RPG.

We don’t have any word on when we’ll actually see the title hit Google Play, but we’re looking forward to it. It’s always gratifying to see a game escape iOS.

So what’s the deal with Cat Quest II? Cat Quest II is, as you might expect, a quest with cats. It’s a 2D open-world ARPG, set in a world where a cat Kingdom, Felingard, is at war with a dog Kingdom, the Lupus Empire. You might guess from reading this far, but the game doesn’t take itself too seriously.

A Tail Of Adventure

Despite the title, you can play as both cats and dogs, in singular or co-op gameplay. You wander around a lovely-looking world, take on quests, explore dungeons, and get into a few scraps with action-based combat. There are tons of colorful characters to meet, and no shortage of pet-based puns.

You can pick up the first entry of the series, unshockingly named Cat Quest, via Google Play at the moment, though the games are not really something you’re going to need in-depth cat lore knowledge to have fun with.

If you want to check out some fresh games while you wait for the arrival of Cat Quest II, check out our feature on the best new Android games this week.

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