Chel-Z is a new metroidvania style platformer that’s available for Android devices

If you’re a fan of arcade platformers then you will be happy to read that there is a new metroidvania style platformer out on Android called Chel-Z. In this particular game players will be assuming control of a robot named Chel-Z, who happens to be a robot capable of functioning with a human brain placed inside. You were built by the one and only Dr. Boss, a twisted mad scientist.

Somehow a secret agent freed you and now you need to escape Dr. Boss’s laboratory, which is where he performs his experiments on you and other robots. However, as you are right now, you won’t be able to escape. So you will need to find upgrades along the way to make you strong enough to take out any enemies that may be in your path.

Chel-Z Features:

– Go through a platform packed with action and puzzle like game play
– Enjoy challenging retro gameplay and gorgeous authentic pixel art
– Battle massive bosses and discover new special abilities to reach previously inaccessible areas
– Gorgeous music produced by Arcane Toaster and DJ Emergency

Chel-Z is definitely a lot like the old school platformers from back in the day, with secret areas to find and other goodies. There is quite a lot to do and find in this game. For those of you looking to snag a copy of Chel-Z, you can do so off of Google Play for free. There are no IAPs either. You can check out the game’s trailer below.

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