Chess Rush, Tencent’s Fast-Paced Take on Auto Chess, is Out Now on Android

Chess Rush

Tencent just announced Chess Rush, its own take on the Auto Chess sensation currently sweeping mobile.

Mere days after the announcement, it’s already available in all its glory on Google Play.

Chess Rush Features a Turbo Mode and Co-Op

So what’s different about Tencent’s take? Well, the major feature is Turbo Mode, which condenses the formula into just 10 minutes for those that are short on time.

There’s also co-op for those who like to play with their friends. You can participate in 2v2 co-op matches with other players across the globe.

Aside from that, this is Auto Chess as you know and love it. There are over 50 heroes to place on an 8×8 board as you battle to survive against seven other players.

You can grab it right now on Google Play. If you aren’t convinced by the many others, it’s worth a play.

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