Chillingo will be launching their games on Playstation Mobile starting today

Chillingo are looking to expand their reach when it comes to Android gamers and have announced that, starting today, the company will begin releasing their games onto Playstation Mobile for those of you who own Playstation Certified devices and for those of you who happen to own a PS Vita. The first game which launches today is Feed Me Oil.

While people who own a Playstation Certified device have access to Google Play anyways, this news is more for those PS Vita owners out there in la la land. However, for those Android gamers out there who enjoy buying games off of the Playstation Mobile store, this is some good news since Chillingo has no shortage of titles already with plenty more on the way as well.

Chillingo is proud to have published some of the best (and most loved!) games that Indie developers have had to offer over the last decade, and we are extremely excited to bring these experiences to PlayStation Mobile. This partnership gives millions of PlayStation gamers access to great Chillingo titles on PS Vita or PlayStation Certified Android devices. – Ed Rumley, chief operating officer of Chillingo

The next games from Chillingo that will be making their way to Playstation Mobile in the near future include Little Acorns, iBomber Defense and Roll in the Hole.

Website Referenced: Polygon

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