Citizen12 brings the old school Cro-Mag Rally game to Google Play

The year was 1998, and Pangea Software was an already known developer in the Macintosh world with games like Xenocide. Then, they released Cro-mag Rally, which jumped onto iOS around 2008. Now, thanks to Citizen12 studio, the old school kart racing game comes to Android.

Cro-mag Rally is basically a prehistoric-themed racing game, set in the different ages of pre-history (bronze and iron age, among others). The main characters are Brog and Grag and, after choosing one of them, you can race through 9 completely different tracks driving one out of 11 themed vehicles. Oh, and for the fun of it, you can try the power-ups laying across each track.

The game is currently available on Google Play and is a one time $0.99 charge. For all of you old time players of it, Cro-mag Rally will be back in your lives but this time on your smartphones. For the new players, get ready to enjoy a nice ride.

Developer Link: Citizen12

Google Play Link: Cro-mag Rally

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